Next Generation Imaging

Micro-scale applications are driving smaller and smaller optics with high-resolution image content. These cutting edge products are enabled by novel optical designs and leading-edge manufacturing processes.

  • Biomedical / clinical diagnostics & analysis
  • Robotic medical imaging
  • Dental / intraoral cameras
  • Remote industrial/visual inspection
  • AI driven devices
  • Augmented reality / picoprojectors
  • Integrated photonics coupling lenses
  • Extreme environment / remote imaging
Technology Features
  • Custom multi-element micro-lenses
  • Optic diameters as small as 700um
  • Multi-layer antireflection coatings tuned to small geometries

Gemini Optics is a leader in micro-optics.

The design phase is critical for micro-optics systems as many early design choices affect the manufacturability, yield, and ultimately quality of the product.

Opto-mechanical design (left) and production (right) of 135ยบ high-resolution endoscope objective.

With its experience with a multitude of extremely small optics, Gemini Optics has the capability to deliver complex micro-optic lens assemblies in compact spaces. We have extensive experience with the unique optical materials ideally suited for the critical micro-optics fabrication platforms, and we use in-house developed achromatic design techniques specifically for micro-optical lenses.

Our opto-mechanical design processes properly match alignment tolerances for high-performance imaging and optimal production yields. These unique features of optical and mechanical design characteristics are vertically integrated to the assembly methods to maximize imaging characteristics while improving manufacturability.

We use a proprietary design-for-production methodology and internal optical alignment technologies to provide a process control that ensures our customers will receive the highest quality.

  • Vacuum part handling to assist critical and efficient alignment
  • Laser-feedback, airbearing alignment for high precision resolution
  • Clean air laminar flow hoods for pristine optics
Lens design, Opto-mechanical design, and production of 2.5-mm Colonoscope objective lens

Micro Optics in Emerging Technologies : Example

Emerging technology devices are giving rise to exciting micro-optics and aspheric lens designs. For instance, augmented reality often requires high-resolution and high-brightness image generation and projection in tiny, and often unconventional, packaging. For comfortable wear and stylish looks, these require extremely light-weight optics in confined-space requirements – one of our specialties.

Picoprojection Lens with vibrant colors (vivid broadband) (ultra-slim to fit into glasses)