Gemini Optics is a custom optics engineering and manufacturing company, and our involvement with companies usually starts on the engineering side and leads to providing them precise lenses in volumes of 10s to several 100s per year. Our capabilities include optical design, optomechanical engineering, prototype construction, and lens serial production. We specialize in working with small to mid-sized technology companies.

We are passionate about solving great optics and engineering challenges and delivering industry leading optics to enable our customers products and thus their businesses to grow. Many of our customers are small technology companies. They are a driving force of our economy. Our customers’ imaging products rely on optics with exacting performance that are delivered on-time and on-budget. Most of our customers come to us via word of mouth where trust and reliability are critical. As small technology firms, many of our customers have tried working with large optics companies only find to that their projects and needs get ignored and lowered in priority compared to bigger customers, which then creates delays. Even though some of our customers may be resource constrained at their current stage, they may still need significant optical efforts. Our customers get our best all the time. Please partner with us to help your growth!

Gemini Optics delivers custom optics with a just in time method and perfectly matched metrology for world-renowned standards.

Founded in 2000, Gemini Optics provides optical solutions to emerging and growth businesses through novel optical designs and production lenses.


Gemini Optics, Inc.

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